January 11, 2010

Find YOUR bene-fit

Welcome to bene-fit! If you’re looking to make real and lasting change, you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re brand new to exercise or a seasoned fitness veteran, bene-fit can help you reach your goals with comprehensive exercise programs, personal training sessions and yoga instruction, and a strong network of peer support.

One of the biggest road blocks to becoming a better you is motivation. Known in the fitness world as adherence, lack of motivation is the most-cited reason for abandoning a fitness or diet program in its early stages. How many of us have started off January gung-ho about the Atkins diet, only to end up knee-deep in frosting-laden cupcakes at a birthday party just weeks later?

Make a vow to yourself: not any more. It’s time to make a change that works.

Our message is simple: find YOUR bene-fit! People do not lose weight, get in shape, or tone up in some singular, textbook way. All of these goals are possible for everyone when you focus on what matters, seize fitness opportunities, and stay motivated.

Our boot camps, exercise plans, personal training, and yoga instruction are intended to help you get on track, stay on track, and move forward in fitness. Heed Thoreau’s words and finally start to “live the life you have imagined.”

YOUR change begins at bene-fit Boot Camp next Saturday, January 23rd @ 10am in Holmby Park, Los Angeles. Sign up at www.mybene-fit.com using your PayPal account – it’s the first step in your journey toward a better you!

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