April 7, 2010

bene-fit Partners with APHA for National Public Health Week!

Guess what? It's National Public Health Week (April 5-11).

The bene-fit lifestyle includes staying accountable to our national health as a policy priority that affects us all.  I wanted to pass along the recommendations from the APHA (American Public Health Association), of which bene-fit is a strong supporter, to promote public health and prevention:

--Talk to your senators and Congresspeople about childhood obesity and school nutrition

--Encourage schools and workplaces to eliminate trans-fats and provide access to fruits, vegetables and whole grains

--Educate friends and coworkers about public health professions and preventative health goals

--Post positive and accurate health information via your Facebook, Twitter, and/or email accounts

--Support mandatory physical education for grades K-12

--Host a heart-healthy "snack sale" to raise money for health programming and share healthy recipes

--Get screened for preventable diseases and encourage family, friends, and peers to do the same

--Start a running or walking group in your household or workplace to encourage physical activity 

In uncertain economic and health-care climates like the one we are in now, it is more important than ever to be accountable for your own health and well-being.

You can make a difference with your own personal choices.  Set an example to bene-fit those around you by celebrating NPHW!

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