May 24, 2010

Celebrate In A Healthy Way This May

Memorial Day is nearly upon us and the time is nigh to think about our shared national legacies.  You might remember commemorating events like Women's History Month or African-American History Month in elementary school - but did you ever throw a veggie-heavy party for National Salad Month?  How about grilling up a lean turkey patty for your nation's revered Hamburger Month?

Check out bene-fits guide to the healthiest ways to celebrate during the last few days of May:

Take a stroll on your lunch break to clear your head during Mental Health Month.  While you're out there, make sure to check in with your spring sneezes this Allergy/Asthma Awareness Month.  Speed up that walk to a jog and push it a little harder since it's Physical Fitness and Sports Month, too!

All that exercise might make you hungry, so dig in to some fresh fruit for Strawberry Month, or perhaps enjoy an incredible edible - poached or hard-boiled is healthiest - during Egg Month.  Make those eggs into a yummy veggie Benedict in honor of Asparagus Month, or enjoy a spicy south-of-the-border - and low-cal! - condiment this Salsa Month.  Definitely make sure to grill up some healthy proteins (try a marinated chicken breast or a tofu and fruit kabob!) during this Barbecue Month.

When you're enjoying all the foods "of the month," remember in honor of High Blood Pressure Education Month to limit your sodium intake, too!  Try balancing your workouts with some stretching and yoga to raise awareness and encourage prevention in joint celebration of both Arthritis Month and Correct Posture Month.  Need something a bit more intense?  If you have a short (10 miles or fewer) and safe commute, swap it out for a two-wheeler and do your part for Bike Month.

Finally, remember that it's never too late to commit yourself to a healthier and more robust lifestyle - the bene-fit philosophy encourages lifelong fitness this Older Americans Month and beyond!

Stay tuned for more "monthly" bene-fit tips coming soon - in June!

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