August 23, 2010

Cheap & Chic Fitness Finds

It's no secret - we here at bene-fit have been doing this whole "health and wellness" thing for some time now, and along the way, we've picked up some great tips and tricks for making the journey a whole lot easier.  I am constantly asked about my favorite products, foods, and clothing for making a fit lifestyle even more enjoyable - and affordable.  Well, loyal readers, today is the day I share some of my top secrets with you!

The less-than-glamorous way I start each and every day is with an oatmeal combo - some mixture of plain ol' rolled oats (usually bought in bulk for cents on the dollar - a great way to save money!) and fresh fruit, nut butter, or protein powder.  This way, my morning activities are fueled up, I get "going" from the hit of fiber, and I'm not hungry until lunch!

However, because of my heavy training schedule, I get a lot of soreness in the morning, particularly in my lower body.  While I will swear by a good sports massage, sometimes it's just not in the budget.  A great alternative is to use Tiger balm on the affected area and rub over any achy muscles with The Stick.  The combination of the longer-term relief from the balm and the spot treatment from the stick is nearly as good as a legitimate massage - and costs a lot less.

As for clothing?  While I own multiple pairs of the classic Tempo short from NIKE and I adore the adidas by Stella McCartney line, I never buy these items at full price.  The Chelsea Premium Outlets chain typically features both stores - as well as Puma and Reebok - with stylish, deeply discounted workout wear.  Let's be honest - we all want to look good in the gym, but at the end of the day, these are clothes we sweat in!

Finally, if a gym membership is out of your budget, there are some great cost-effective home gym products that can mimic the strength benefits of a gym (since we all know cardio is most fun done outdoors anyway - running, biking, swimming, jump rope, walking, and rowing are all great options!) with a far lower cost.  Try a set of resistance bands, inflatable weights, or even the much-advertised but very effective Iron Gym for some versatile options.  Not very good at working out at home, or by yourself?  bene-fit Boot Camp and Happy Hour Circuit Training provide high-quality, calorie-burning group fitness - and they're still only $20/session!

Stay tuned for more money-saving tips, tricks, and tactics to help you find your bene-fit - without emptying your wallet.  And as always...we want to hear from you!  Share your favorite fitness finds with us by leaving a comment or sending an email to

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