September 27, 2010

Testing Celebrity Fit Tips: Hype or Help?

We've all seen them at least a few (hundred) times: the eye-catching weight loss headlines on the tabloids surround us at the grocery store, nail salon, or even our own mailboxes.

"The incredible shrinking Drew Carey!"
"Kelly Osbourne: Size 12 to Size 2!"
"Body after baby - 10 amazing celebrity mom slimdowns!"

Stories (and their accompanying glossy photos) like this are easy to dismiss.  Most celebrities have access to all-star personal trainers, top-notch doctors and dietitians, and expensive fitness equipment and services.  "Walk a day in my shoes," we want to mutter, "and we'll see how 'easy' it is to get fit and lose weight."

Outside the protected shell of fame, there are definitely obstacles to getting healthy "like the stars."  Many people have children and cannot pay a child care professional just to steal away an hour at the gym.  Few folks can afford the convenience of a chef or meal delivery service and must count their own calories and/or prepare their own healthy meals, a skill that takes planning and some nutritional education.  Finally, there is the motivation issue - while most of us truly want to live a healthy lifestyle that feels good and bene-fits our bodies, we won't get fired from our jobs if we gain a few pounds or suffer the humiliation of having a photo taken of us enjoying that huge double-dip ice cream cone.

However, after poring over some of this articles (admittedly while getting a pedicure!), I noticed one thing - if you look past the extreme (liquid diets, fasts, detoxes, and three-hour workout regimes), many of the celebrities actually maintain fairly reasonable routines to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Take Drew Carey, for example, featured in this week's PARADE magazine.  He notes that "the hardest diet I was ever on was when I was don't have energy for anything.  It's horrible."  He goes on to claim that his diet - a balanced routine of three protein-and-vegetable meals and two fruit-based snacks daily - along with 30 minutes of cardio exercise per day was the simple formula to achieve his 77-pound weight loss.  Now that's the level of simplicity that bene-fit can get behind!

How about the aforementioned Kelly Osbourne?  While it is definitely not possible - nor healthy - for every body to transform into a size 2, the petite Osbourne knew that carrying 50 extra pounds on a small frame was going to be a long-term health issue.  She found an exercise she was passionate about - ballroom dancing (in her preparation for Dancing with the Stars) and found that a healthy snack before bed (in her case, an apple) kept her satiated at night yet ready for breakfast the next morning.

And as for those hot mamas, bouncing back almost impossibly after having a baby?  Well, the basic answer is genetics - how well women's bodies cope with the demands of pregnancy varies widely depending on one's hormones, body composition, and health history.  However, some "secrets" - such as practicing yoga at home, jogging with baby in tow, and avoiding snacking off kids' plates - are easy enough for any mom or dad to add to their daily routine.

At bene-fit, we know that our clients are not celebrities - you're everyday people with real-life demands.  That's why we offer health and fitness options in a variety of different formats - from in-home and outdoor personal training to private yoga instruction to online and virtual training programs.  You don't have to be a celebrity to look like one - and you sure don't have to be famous to deserve good health!  Start by contacting a bene-fit professional today and in no time, you'll be feeling like the star of your own healthy life.

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