October 13, 2010

Excuses, Excuses: bene-fit Beats 'Em All

Being a bene-fit trainer is not always easy.  Our commitment to personalized, individualized personal training is one we take very seriously - and as we all know, each person's needs are different.  We accept every client that comes to us with dedication and earnest - meaning that we have trained everyone from a 63 year-old grandmother with a hip replacement to a Boston-qualifying marathon runner to a husband-and-wife duo looking to lose over 100 pounds.

If you need to find your bene-fit, we are there to help you do it.  But as I said above... it's not always easy.

Facing excuses is the number-one challenge for fitness professionals of any kind - and on the flip side, making excuses is one of the most common strategies when it comes to clients who are tired, fearful, or stressed about making healthy and lasting lifestyle changes.  We've heard every excuse run the gamut - long work hours, no child care, no clothes to wear, too out of shape to start, don't know where to begin...and so far, we've been able to combat every one with our simple philosophy of individual attention, social support, and group motivation.

Think about it this way: if your child was sick, or if your car broke down, something would have to give.  You would have to move around a "want-to" - whether it meant leaving work an hour early or giving up your favorite TV program at night - to address the "need-to" of the emergency situation.  Granted, exercise in itself does not constitute a daily emergency - but a lifetime of being overweight, unhappy, stressed out, and facing inactivity-induced chronic illness can definitely be considered one.

A great first step is to take inventory of your time - whether using time management software, a paper and pen, or just a good (and honest!) memory - and figure out exactly where you can fit in nutritious meal planning and exercise.  You only need 30 minutes a day to get started (two bouts of 15 is just fine).  After you've set aside time, create a mantra that will motivate you and give you purpose on days you just don't feel like working out (something simple, such as "I'm doing this for my family," is great; you can also choose something like "I am getting my Madonna arms!" to make it more fun and energy-boosting).  Finally, schedule your workout into your planner or calendar as you would an appointment - an appointment with absolutely no cancellation policy!

At bene-fit, we are realistic about your time and money - but we ask you to be realistic about your own health.  Finding time to get fit is an investment you will never regret, whether for your own sake or the sake of your loved ones.  Take some time this week to assess your schedule and make yourself - your health - first priority.

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