February 3, 2011

All the Healthy Ladies: Put Your Hands Up

Fellas, don't feel bad - but you're not really included in this entry.  This one is talking to the ladies.

At bene-fit, we strive to stay current and educate ourselves on the latest trends, research, and programs in health and fitness - all so we can share them with you!  This week, we break down the newest buzzword popping up all over the women's health literature: me-covery.


Yep, you read that correctly.  "Me-covery" refers to feelings of empowerment and self-renewal borne of the economic recession - and the resultant underemployment of women - that leads them to pursue self-reflective and more fulfilling lifestyle opportunities.  

So what does this "me-covery"  mean for the average woman?

For one, we are reevaluating our priorities and placing family, happiness, and health in places that money, career, and voluntary obligations used to be.  A second trend is our renewed commitment to health and wellness, such as hiring personal trainers, enrolling in yoga and relaxation classes, and making health-valued purchases (like buying those hot yoga pants instead of another pair of boring work slacks!).

Another compelling find is that "women are seeking sources of inspiration, support, and motivation, as well as meaningful rewards that mesh with their new lifestyles" - meaning motivating group workouts like bene-fit Boot Camp are all the rage!

Finally, women are getting more involved in their health care - 86% of women are getting health information online (our bene-fit blog is one great source!) and 79% are now seeing their doctors regularly.  We at bene-fit encourage health maintenance, too - not only in the medical community, but through exercise, healthy eating, and mental health support.

This week, consider your me-covery - whether making a career change, embarking on a healthy lifestyle change, or even starting a family - there's never been a better time to sit down, think about your current state of being, state your goals, and plan to rediscover your bene-fit, even after a period of economic downturn.

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