June 6, 2011

The Path to Whole Living

We believe that what sets bene-fit apart as a fitness company is not that we offer great personal training, boot camps, or training programs (although we do offer top-notch services in all of those areas), but rather that we focus on total wellness - addressing the needs of our clients holistically, rather than in separate parts or pieces.

That's why we subscribe to one of the best wellness magazines out there - Whole Living.  Rather than most women's health magazines that try to woo you with pictures of impossibly skinny (and, confoundingly, muscle-free) models or pitch over-the-top diet trends (lemon juice and cayenne pepper detoxes? no thanks.), Whole Living offers sensible ideas for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being - and bene-fit is definitely on board with that.

A recent issue addressed the concept of whole living (otherwise known as the catch-all term wellness) and tried to nail down the top ten ideas./thoughts/mantras on what makes a whole living philosophy unique and practical.  We chose to reprint those here for your introspection:

10) Rather than trying to fix your body from the outside, focus on how you want it to feel from the inside.
9) The mark of true confidence is the ability to look someone in the eye.
8) Let the seasons guide your diet.  The earth grows what you need when you need it.
7) Respect your feet.  They've mastered the art of staying grounded while moving forward.
6) Take charge of your own reflection.  Stop letting the mirror win.
5) Enlightenment doesn't always make a grand entrance.  It slowly transforms ordinary to extraordinary.
4) Change happens somewhere between the acceptance of what is and the anticipation of what could be.
3) Wellness is about making your life bigger, not your hips smaller.
2) Surprise yourself when you push past your physical limits.
1) Nothing connects you to who you are like the people who have known who you were.

Today, take some time to reflect on your own wellness - whether you are just starting your personal path to whole living or whether you've mastered the art in your daily life.  Do you have some tips or thoughts on whole living for bene-fit readers?  Share them in the comments section - we love hearing from you!

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