August 15, 2011

Fit Club: Not TV, But Reality

This morning I was reading an article in Everyday FOOD about starting a supper club. 

They suggested rallying together a group of 6-10 people, setting up a reasonable timeline (such as every 2-3 months) and having the host select the main dish and theme, while the guests bring side dishes to complement the theme.

From the sounds of it, it was a fabulous idea - a group of friends coming together on a regular schedule with a singular purpose and firm structure.  A fabulous idea, that is - for fitness!

I often hear that one of the greatest challenges to sticking with a healthy diet and exercise program is the monotony of it all - the fact that eating well, being active, managing stress, and getting enough sleep isn't exactly a recipe for excitement.  We here at bene-fit get it - really, we do.  That's one of the reasons our weekly Boot Camp and personal training sessions are so dynamic and unique - so you never get bored.

That said, sometimes you wish that "being social" and "being healthy" weren't polar opposites - particularly, for example, if you're trying to stay on track with an after-work Spin class while your friends are more interested in after-work cocktails.  Do you skip class or skip out on your friends?  bene-fit believes you shouldn't have to choose.

That's why we recommend starting your own Fit Club - just like supper club, except that your fit host is responsible for setting a "theme" (for example, "Latin Fiesta!") and setting up a workout (here, perhaps a Zumba class at the YMCA or a Latin-dance DVD in the living room).  Guests could bring healthy, themed snacks (think guacamole and veggies to dip, or homemade salsa with baked corn tortilla chips) and swap healthy-living tips or health-interest magazines.

You could even organize a "contest" of sorts - the host provides an inexpensive fitness-friendly prize (think no-slip headbands, wrist weights, or weight-lifting gloves) and designs a challenge for guests, such as a push-up, jump rope, or hula hoop contest.  Guests can compete for the prize - and for their pride! - while having a lot of fun.

This week, forget having to choose between seeing your friends and squeezing in your workout - start a monthly Fit Club, get off the couch, and get into fitness - together.

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